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What is Creative Visualization?

As you know by now, the Universe is made out of energy. Every thought is a vibration that is sent out into the Universe that attracts into your life whatever you are in resonance with.

You and me possess within our very selves an ingenious force that provides us with the capacity to transform the invisible into visible, consequently allowing us to materialize our desires to live a rewarding and exciting life.

We are constantly using the law of attraction on an instant to instant basis, unconsciously, because, well, as human beings, we produce thoughts.

But in order to shape our life the way we want, we need to get the cosmic energy to work consciously for us through the practice of creative visualisation.

Creative visualization is a mental and emotional system or technique that allows you to shape your life the way you want it. Creative visualization makes use of the imagination to make hopes, dreams and goals come true, thus influencing the Cosmic Energy or the Quantum field.

It makes it possible for us, through the use of various mental techniques, to deliberately and consciously shape our entire world, our reality, by molding it to our desire.

The origin of creative visualization stretches back millenniums, and comes from the Hindu monistic theory of the Universe. Originally, monism was religious belief that states that the whole Universe is actually just one energy expressing itself in a variety of ways - the “we are all one” principle.

In traditional Hinduism as well as in Buddhism, it is believed that the Universe is a whole, without any notion of separation or discontinuity.

In order to change our life, we need to get the cosmic energy working for us through the practice of creative visualisation.

Creative visualization has been successfully used in the fields of health, education, sports business, arts and personal development for many years. It is the Universal Law behind every success, whether it is used consciously or unconsciously.

All things in the Universe are connected together, whether we can see it or not. All thoughts, actions and events have an impact on each other and they trigger reactions and repercussions.

Because we are an inseparable part of the Universe, our thoughts are projected into it, and as a result, its extraordinary power acts on our behalf. The Universe and the people in it are partners in crafting our life the way we want it.

Thoughts and feelings are endowed with a creative energy that molds our existence and draws to us precisely what we think about. Those thoughts and feelings float from one mind to another, and if they are strong enough, they can easily be received or “captured” by individuals, that are able to assist us in obtaining our desires and goals.

So if you have a need or a certain desire, one person somewhere can supply it. The law of attraction will bring you two together in a surprising manner. This is what we usually call a ‘coincidence’.

Most importantly, it is necessary to have the object of your desire or objective firmly rooted into your subconscious mind. Once you clearly see what you really want in your mind, the law of attraction will move a huge amount of forces to get you in contact with similar thoughts through the Universal Energy.

Creative Visualization demands getting both the mind and the body aligned, connected with the Universal forces. By utilizing self-hypnosis relaxation and breathing techniques and strategies, similar to those used in Asian or Buddhist meditation techniques, an individual can become inducted into the right state of mind.

Please remember that creative visualization is based fundamentally on the authority of the subconscious mind. Therefore it is crucial that our subconscious mind is submitting the appropriate message to the Universe or else, we will be forever unhappy and unsatisfied with our situation in life.

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