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The law of attraction and energy

What does Hinduism, Albert Einstein Quantum physics and the law of attraction have in common? They all believe that the Universe is composed primarily of energy.

Cosmic Energy, known as Prana in Sanskrit, Chi in Chinese, Ki in Japanese exists everywhere in the Universe. For these cultures, Cosmic Energy is a reality, and is at the heart of their traditional medicine, health systems and martial arts like karate, taichi, chi-kung and yoga. In Quantum physics, his energy is called the Quantum Field.

Cosmic Energy is a force, a network of information that flows between and through everything and that binds the Universe together. It is the bond between, around and inside of you, me, the table, the computer, the rocks, the mountains, the rivers, the stars, the sun...everything! It keeps the whole Cosmos in order.

One of Einstein's brilliant observations was to discover that matter and energy are actually different forms of the same thing. He stated that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it is merely converted from one form to another. It is falsely believed that Einstein's famous equation E=MC2 mean ‘matter is converted energy.’ What it really means is ‘matter IS energy’.

Quantum physics, a branch of physics that study physics at the subatomic scales, states that everything in the Universe is made of pure energy, differing only in rates of vibration. For Quantum physicists, the entire Universe is a living consciousness aware of itself.

Quantum physics, a branch of physics that study physics at the subatomic scales, states that everything in the Universe is made of pure energy, differing only in rates of vibration.

Quantum physics showed us that when we scale down from the molecular level to the atomic level, we can observe that the smallest particles we can find are composed of pure energy and at this level, everything is vibrating. We, as human beings, are made of the same components that everything else in the Universe is made of.

Every single phenomenon in the Universe such as electricity, gravity, magnetism, heat and light are originating from Cosmic Energy or the Quantum Field, the source of all activity. Everything that exists, exists as a form of energy, from the lowest vibration rate of the crude physical matter, all the way up to the Universe high vibration rate.

This powerful force at the heart of the law of attraction is the essence of existence and consciousness, and is at the origin of all beings in the Universe and every phenomenon. All beings are born from it and live by it. When they die, their individual essence get dissolved and re-integrated into the great Void.

In Quantum physics it is said that something can only come into existence when it is observed. That means that things only exist because consciousness thought it into existence. Everything exists as pure consciousness. In other words, everything in the universe only appears as matter when it is being observed. Consciousness is the energy that influences everything that exists. Every phenomenon is actually consciousness; therefore it is consciousness influencing itself.

Quantum scientists discovered this energy observation reality by making the most astounding experiment of quantum physics. It was one of the major revolutions in 20th century Physics: the double-slit experiment. As scientific brothers Gary and Kenny Felder said, the double slit experiment “is probably the closest science has come to a fundamental description of the underlying nature of reality.”

Understanding that the universe is made of energy vibrating at different rates brings us to the fact that thoughts are also energy. Therefore thoughts can alter and shape our reality to our will, this called the law of attraction.

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