Learn how to practice the Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction and thoughts

The Universe is an enormous, gigantic energy network in which everything and every person is connected at an energetic level.

Thoughts are a vital part of this world of energy as they shape life around us, and bring changes to the environment in accordance with them.

The law of attraction states that, thoughts are energy. Negative thoughts create negative results. Positive thoughts create positive results. The essence of a thought is either accumulated in physical structures or is projected into the universe. In no way does it die. Always keep in mind that each of our thoughts, good or bad, become concrete, materialize, and become a reality, this will help you to make the law of attraction work for you more efficiently.

Every thought interacts with Cosmic Energy. Positive and negative thoughts look for other “same level” thought to sympathize with. Because we are constantly sending out thought waves into the world (through our intention), it is only natural that someone receives them. This means that somehow, all human thoughts are connected together and form a massive collective consciousness. Consequently, we can tune into this collective consciousness and literally transmit ideas to each other.

Please, remember that through the law of attraction, we are the source, we are the creator of all things in our life. Everything that happens in our life has a direct connection with the type of energy that we are feeding our reality with. Thats a law, nothing can esape this. Every thought that leaves us goes out into the universe, and the universe absorbs and harmonizes with its energy. We are responsible for the type of energy we receive in our life: the universe simply obeys us.

When thinking about a person or a situation, you send out pulse of energy that goes out and reaches those people, touching them in unimaginable ways, thats the wonder of the law of attraction. Through our thoughts, we are literally molding the Universal substance, so we are the creators of our experience from moment to moment. The world as we experience it daily, is a reflection of our inner attitude to life, of our inner vibration. Life is like a gigantic mirror that reflects back whatever we send out.

Everything that happens in our life has a direct connection with the type of energy that we are feeding our reality with.

The law of attraction can be compared to a radio-transmitter or better, to radio waves. Even though you cannot see them, those radio waves fill the air nonetheless. Logically, if we set our radio at 100 Mhz, we will receive frequencies that are tuned at 100 Mhz. Therefore, it will be impossible to receive anything from another frequency. We continually project outward from our minds our thoughts and feelings and attract like a magnet everything that is on the same vibrational level.

For instance, if you’re thinking (vibrating, sending out), frequencies of doubt, fear or failure, you’re only going to get doubt, fear or failure in return.

Let us be extremely vigilant of the thoughts we hold in our minds, because they create our intimate reality. The law of attraction never lies.

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