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Creative visualization techniques

First of all, before starting any type of creative visualization, it is imperative that you clearly define what your goals are. Without it, you will go nowhere.

What do you wish to accomplish during this visualization? What do you expect? Are you dealing with anxiety or fear? Do you want to attract the house of your dreams? Do you want healing? Get better financially? Find the right person? It can be anything; it is entirely up to you. But KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT.

Once you have chosen the direction and purpose of your visualization, sit down in a quiet and comfortable room. If you wish, it is possible to practice sitting on a chair, or lying on the bed or couch, but, be careful not to fall asleep, remain focused and vigilant!

Once you found the right position for you, close your eyes, inhale and exhale slowly and deeply for a couple minutes. Intrusive thoughts will pop into your head and distract you from focussing your attention on your breathing. That’s perfectly normal. Just let them pass, let them go, do not get distracted by them, do not hold on to them. Try to stay focused on your breath.

Once the rhythm of your breathing is slow and long, focus all your attention on what you want by putting emotions into it. The keyword here is “emotions.”, They are at the core of the practice.

You absolutely need to feel strongly about what you are asking the universe to give you. Feel happy, as if you had achieved your dream. Feel convinced that you are about to receive what you are asking for.

Focus all your attention on what you want, by putting all your emotions and your thoughts into it.

A creative visualization session can last from a few minutes to one hour. Remember, we are all different and each individual must find the technique or the approach that suits him best. That's why each creative visualization session must be adapted to your precise needs and objectives.

1. First, relaxation.

Before beginning with your creative visualization session, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and that is not too bright or too dark. I would suggest not lying down on you bed or on the couch, as you might fall asleep. Try to sit on the couch or on a cushion on the floor, with your back straight. Imagine that you are pushing the sky with the top of your head, keeping your spine straight.

Once you find the right position for you, start with your breathing. Focus all of your attention on it. Forget your day, and the things you need to do later on. Just focus on the present moment. After a few minutes, try to calm your breathing and make it slower and slower. Next is the creative part.

2. Build your scenario

By now, you should be relaxed and focused. Now is the time to create your scenario, the blueprint through which your creative visualization will progress. Design a mental movie in which you find yourself in the role of writer, director as well as the main actor.

You can put the actors you want in the places that you want, make them act and speak as you wish. You are the master of your life, of your inner creation, there are no rules or limits: you are the creator. Create your mental movie by incorporating positive affirmations to condition your subconscious mind, which will make you feel in complete control of the situation.

The most important thing here is to play this mental movie with as much emotion as possible, as if you were actually experiencing it, as if you were really inside that movie! Simply have fun and imagine whatever you want to manifest into your life!

See the physical location with great precision: furniture, decoration, lighting, sounds etc. If there are people in your visualization, see them also with as much precision as possible: their clothing, the sound of their voice, etc. Put your five senses to contribution. Creative visualization is not limited solely to the sense of sight but also includes hearing, smell, touch, etc. Experiment with your movie!

If the goal of your visualization was very specific, such as fighting a fear, changing a behavior, or losing weight, picture yourself achieving your goal or your dream. It is important to always create positive visualization so that it will imprint a positive message to your subconscious mind. After a few sessions of creative visualization, your subconscious mind will believe you actually “experienced”, “own” or “are” your imagined movie.

The most important thing here is to play this mental movie with as much emotion as possible, as if you were actually experiencing it, as if you were really inside that movie!

There are two types of creative visualization - realistic visualization and symbolic visualization.

As its name suggests, realistic visualization suggests to the subconscious mind realistic images taken from a possible situation, usually everyday life. This scene might include people (known or unknown), places, moods, feelings, tastes, smells, or all mental references that help you manifest your desires.

The symbolic visualization uses symbols and elements loaded with significance. These might be imagining yourself surrounded by divine light, imagining oneself meeting an entity or an important character. These don’t use realistic visualizations but rather, symbolic ones that indicate something else.

Try to practice creative visualization every night and every morning. Think about your goal constantly - at work, when going to work, during lunch time. Become completely obsessed with the idea of achieving your goal. As we mentioned before, this will send vibration into the universe, and the law of attraction will manifest what you want into your life.

Please, don’t forget:

  • Have a sincere desire to achieve your goal(s);
  • Be confident that your objective will be achieved shortly;
  • Practice creative visualization at least a few minutes every night and morning;
  • Be patient and persistent;
  • Observe yourself during creative visualization and make sure you don’t fall into a dissociative mode (being a spectator!) You are the actor!
  • Build a powerful mental movie that is attractive and significant to you;
  • Throughout the visualization process, maintain a strong emotional connection with the images of your mental movie;
  • Visualize your goal as if it was already achieved.

Final words

Now that you have accumulated knowledge about the law of attraction and creative visualization, the key to your future, to your happiness is in your hands. It is your sacred duty to give yourself the life that you want. Ask the Universe for whatever you want with confidence and feeling, and you will receive it. Don’t give, YOU CAN DO IT, you have greatness in you!

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