Learn how to practice the Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction and negative thoughts

We create the tone and circumstances of our lives by putting the Law of Attraction in motion. What you think about comes about. Whatever you focus on expands. Whether it’s good or bad, it will expand and you will get more of it, period.

When we place our attention on the thing we don’t want, we manifest more of it. If we are thinking about the lack and scarcity in our lives, then in that moment we are attracting more examples of lack and scarcity into our lives.

For example, if I think, “I don't want more debt” what happens? You focus on “debt” and attract more of it. Stop placing your attention on debt, instead focus on abundance. You will manifest more of it into your life.

It doesn’t always have to be about finance. The “I don’t wants” can come in many forms. You may recognize some of these: “I don’t want to be sick”, “I don’t want to work”, “I don’t want to be robbed”, “I don’t want to get hurt”, “I don’t want to lose”.

All of these “don’t wants” will place your attention on the things you don’t want. When you focus on what you don’t want you get more of what you don’t want. Stop it! Become fully aware of your current thoughts. Once you do, you’ll be able stop attracting the things you don’t want and start to create what you do want.

When we place our attention on the thing we don’t want, we manifest more of it.

Same thing goes with the people around you. When you shift your attention to the kinds of people you DO want in your life, that shift, coupled with your clear desire to STOP attracting negative people into your life, will set the energy in motion for new results to show up. When you shift from what you don't want to what you do want, your vibration changes.

You wanna change your life? Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.

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